3710 Farnum Creek Rd, Milford, KS
March 21st, 2015   Break Up Adventure Race (6 or 12 hour)--Milford, KS
Solo, 2 or 3 person teams experience the beauty and challenge of the Flint Hills in either the 6 or 12 hour course.  A great way
to celebrate Break Up--the end of winter!

Jul 11th, 2015  Sunflower State Games Adventure Race (4-6hr) —Milford, KS
Solo, 2 or 3 person teams will cover about 5 mi on foot, 15 mi on bike & 2 mi on canoe or kayak--perfect for beginners &/or
families with children.  Support a great non-profit organization (Sunflower State Games), have an epic afternoon adventure
and up your AR game while doing it all!

Aug 14th – 17th, 2015 Wild Outdoor Women’s Retreat—Acorns Resort, Milford
Led by women, for women.  Ropes, trail running, navigation, kayaking, hiking, yoga, massages, etc.  All meals/lodging/gear
rental included.  No previous experience necessary, all ability levels welcome.  

Nov 8th, 2015 "O Challenge"  (8 hour cutoff)--Milford, KS
Solo or teams of 2 or 3 will face a totally new course. 2 person coed and all male/female teams can race & receive official
rankings, but 3 person coed is official division.  It's simple, you and your team will be given
a topo map with preplotted
checkpoints (worth varying points based on difficulty/distance).  To win, teams will try to get the most points by cutoff time.  
Many people/teams will be using this event to improve their orienteering skills and enjoy a great hike/adventure at the same
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