        Mandatory gear/visible race# must be carried during race unless otherwise specified. Violation of this rule may result in DQ or penalty..

            Certain checkpoints may have mandatory cut-off times. Teams who miss mandatory cut-off times or checkpoints will not receive an
    official finish.  Teams that voluntarily skip a section of the race (that is not mandatory) will still be ranked, but behind teams who finish all or
    more of the course as outlined for the event.

            Team members must be within 100 ft of each other while on the course unless instructed differently.  1st violations of this rule will
    result in a 1 hr penalty, 2nd violation will result in DQ.  

            Teams can get checkpoints in any order unless further specified.  Follow all instructions and avoid off limit areas.  Violations of this
    rule will result in a 1 hr (or as otherwise stated) penalty for each offense.

            Respect the environment. No littering. Carry out what you carry in. Violations of this rule will result in disqualification.

            Respect the volunteers. Any unsportsmanlike conduct toward volunteers will result in disqualification. Race Director’s discretion.

            Outside assistance is not allowed except in specified transition areas. Violations of this rule will result in disqualification.

            If a racer has a major medical issue, other teams are REQUIRED to aid assistance.

            Checking a teammate out of the race early must be done at a manned checkpoint.  Leaving a teammate on the course will result in
    DQ.  Continuing on the course after checking out a teammate at a manned checkpoint will result in an official time.

            Kayaks and canoes are not to be dragged on the ground (unless okayed by race staff). Violations of this rule will result in DQ.

            Each team will receive a passport. Punch the card at each checkpoint coordinating with the number on the checkpoint marker flag.   
    Losing a passport will result in penalties up to checkpoint in which a new one is requested.

            No GPS unit or cell phone useage is permitted during any portion of the race. Violations of this rule will result in disqualification.

            Each team is responsible for their own nutritional/fluid needs during the race.

            The race organizers reserve the right to assess time penalties, bonuses, or disqualifications.

            Race organizers reserve the right to decide whether a person or team may continue for health, safety or other reasons.

            Race organizers reserve the right to change the rules or the course at any time, based on weather or other acts of nature.

            Director rulings are final.

            Teams may be required to show a form of ID at check-in.
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