The Course:
Will consist of approximately 20 checkpoints and "clearing" the course will equal about 15
miles of trekking (running or walking) in under 8 hours.  But you don't need to "clear" the course
to have an official finish--just get as many checkpoints as you can until you want to be done
and call it good.  Teams/solos will be ranked by number of checkpoints, then finish time.  
Choose the easier/longer route of travel between checkpoints (if there is one) or bushwack--
your call.

This event is perfect for anyone, whether you are a beginner and want to learn orienteering or
whether you are a seasoned adventure racer and want to master the skill.  It's also THE best
event offered all year for families and younger children, since the length of the course is
dependent on how far you want to go as a team and ONLY involves trekking (no biking, no

    Registration deadline is Oct 25th, 2014
    Late registration may be accepted for an additional $20/pp

    Check in:
    At Acorns Resort, Cabin #11, 9am-10am, pick up pre-plotted maps and race bags (all
    teammates must be present at time of check-in)

    Orienteering Basics Class:
    Acorns Resort, Cabin #11, 7:30am to 9:00am.  Class will cover:  maps, terrain and man-
    made feature association, distance measure, strategy and compass reading.  If you
    attend the Basics Class, your team can participate in field explanation of
    CPs 1 and 2 on the course (after the race start) . . . in order to get you off on the right foot!

    Pre-course meeting, race start/finish, awards and meal
    Pre-course meeting at 10:15am
    Course start at 10:30am
    Cut-off time for finish:  6:30pm
    Awards and meal at: 6:30pm

    DIVISIONS  (3 person Co-Ed teams are the official divisions for prizes)
    solo, 2 or 3 person teams (Co-Ed, all male or female teams).  

    Logo water bottles for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all divisions.  Also more prizes for winners
    and participants:  performance tshirts and zanfel,

    UTMs will already be plotted on map,you will need a basic understanding of terrain
    features and distance measure.  There will be no rules of travel, teams will choose their
    own route/strategy .  The course is all about orienteering--finding your way on foot with a
    map and compass.  There will be minimal race rules, announced at prerace meeting.

    Solo:  $45 until Sep 1st; $60 until Oct 25th
    2 or 3 person team:  $45/each until Sep 1st, $60/each until Oct 25th
    Performance t-shirts will be available for purchase on event day for $15 each.

    Registration includes: orienteering basics class (11/09), permits, event insurance, post
    award chili, cornbread, cookies and prizes.    

    Recommended Gear:  Backpack, waterproof map holder, compass, rain jacket, fleece
    or performance long sleeve shirt, long pants or gators, extra gloves and socks, 2 liters
    of water, snacks, cell phone (only allowed to call out in life/limb/quitting the course

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