We're still at Milford State Park by popular demand, but the course will continue to
    cover new ground and challenges.  This race has something for everyone--
    from beginners to elite racers.  

    DATE:               Saturday, July 11th, 2015
    SITE:                 Milford State Park, Junction City, KS
                              Race HQ at Group Shelter, Milford State Park, KS

    Adventure Racing is like an off-road triathlon with paddling instead of swimming.  The biggest
    difference is that races can be done solo or as a team (the sport’s officially recognized elite division
    of adventure racing is 3-4 person Co-Ed teams), AND that the race involves strategy, navigation and
    possible surprise challenges (like the Amazing Race).   Racers can expect to mountain bike trails,
    canoe, run or trek (walk) to about 15 checkpoints using team strategy to complete all of most of them
    before the race clock stops.  All teams will start and finish the race together (not a relay).  All teams
    must have at least one adult (18 and over), not recommended for children under 12 yrs old (contact

    The course will remain a secret until racer check-in, when all teams will receive their maps and
    checkpoint sheet with information.  Milford State Park is bordered on three sides by the largest lake
    in Kansas, Milford Lake and the scenery and trails are beautiful.   The park is a combination of
    dense forests, crops, open meadows, ravines, immense shorelines and overall amazing Flint Hills
    terrain.  Mountain biking will have possibilities of technical single track trail riding, cross country and
    paved roads.  Paddling may be in coves or creeks or on the main lake.  The course may also include
    areas adjacent to Milford State Park.  Lake Adventures has been organizing adventure races for 5
    years and events are known for challenge, terrain, organization and structure that allows teams to
    complete the whole course if they are willing to really push their limits. Teams should come
    prepared to complete the following disciplines (as a team):  Paddling  2-3 miles;  Mountain Biking  
    10-15 miles; Trail Running or Trekking  4-6 miles.  

    Water/Aid Stations:
    This is an adventure race, not a staged race.  Do not expect to have a race provided water refill
    station; however, there are plenty of potable water taps throughout the park.

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