Wild Outdoor Women Retreat 2015 8/14-8/17
    Maximum registration is 15 women.  

    For women only, led by women.  Ropes (rappelling and ascending)
    orienteering, kayaking/canoeing/stand up paddle boards, trail
    running/hiking, yoga, mountain biking, adventure course and massages.

    Don't worry if you're coming without a friend/family, there will be plenty
    others doing the same.  The retreat is a safe, fun & friendly environment!

    All activities offered below (agenda times subject to change) are completely
    voluntary--you may choose to opt out of any activity you wish. However, all
    activities will be doable/enjoyable by all levels of experience/ability.
    No previous experience necessary.  This may be the most remarkable
    outdoor retreat for women in Kansas.

    Relaxation massages are approx 20 min (1 massage per person per
    weekend is included in registration fee) and will be provided individually and
    on site.  Massages will be done by a certified massage therapist.

    Yoga focus will be balance, stretching, core, breathing and meditation.  
    Even if you've never done yoga before, you will love this class!

    Includes all meals and lodging and activities,
    HQ cabin single rooms or lodge room (double occupancy) or tent option,  
    kayak/canoe/SUP rentals, topo maps/tools use and orienteering course,
    yoga classes and 20 min massage.  

    $395/person for HQ cabin or lodge room (shared bathrooms)--11 spaces
    More than 11 spaces may be available (some BFFs in the past have chosen to double
    in single HQ rooms for a discount). Lodging is at Acorns Resort.
    $295/person for Tent Provided option (tent provided/set up)--2 spaces
    $275/person for Tent Option, bring your own and set up
    Late registration MAY be accepted, but $50 late registration fee will apply.  

    Previous WOW notes (from candid discussions with participants):

    Food and Drink:  Most participants have LOVED the meals.    Previous
    years have offered a meat option for dinners; however, when everyone
    sees/tastes the vegetarian dishes--it's all over.  So instead of wasting a
    meat dish that will not be eaten, we'll make more of the food that everyone
    wants 2nds of!  There is plenty of protein in every meal.  If you have vegan,
    GF or other dietary restrictions, accommodations  can be made.  There is
    wine served with dinner for those who desire it, but if you like beer or more
    than a glass or two of wine--you will want to bring it as there is not
    time to go shopping once you arrive :).  Most women are surprised at how
    hungry and thirsty they get between lunch and dinner due to being outside
    all day long, bring twice as many snacks/drinks as you think you will want.

    Activity Level: You will be active in the outdoors from sun up to sun down.  
    Most women worry about keeping up prior to the event--PLEASE don't
    worry.  You will be amazed at how much positive encouragement all day
    long will increase your energy level.  And not everyone needs to go the
    same speed for any of the activities that we will be doing.  

    Single registrations and Group registrations: The dynamic created
    when several small groups or several individuals sign up and then come
    together is really remarkable.  It is recommended to not sign up large
    groups of friends or family, since the familiarity with one another can
    actually take away from your individual experience.  It's best to keep
    groups of friends or family down to 3 or 4.  If your larger group would like
    to arrange your own Women's Retreat at another date, it is possible with
    enough advance notice.

    Meal set up and clean up:  There is a lot of activity, and much of it is
    focused at the HQ cabin.  In between activities, the staff is busy preparing
    for the next activity so we can be ready to start on time.  Participants will
    help set up for a meals and with clean up after meals (a few minutes of time)
    to alleviatecrunch time and add value to everyone's relaxation and
    enjoyment at meal time.

    Lodging:  The HQ cabin is the most popular option to stay. Some women
    have chosen to double up in the queen beds in the HQ cabin if they are
    coming with a BFF. There are 2 full bathrooms and a 1/2 bath in the HQ
    cabin, and there has never been an issue of sharing. For those that prefer
    a little more personal space and ability to spend time away from the group
    at night, the lodge rooms have been perfect. The lodge is a 5 minute walk
    from the HQ cabin.  Most women that have tent camped have expressed
    that they should have paid for a room at HQ or in the lodge.  With all of the
    activity, it's nice to have an actual room to organize your gear/clothing AND
    air conditioning AND most importantly, a really comfortable bed to sleep in.

3710 Farnum Creek Rd, Milford, KS
  • Lightweight, comfortable shorts,
    tank tops, swim suit, long
    sleeve shirts, etc.)
  • Rainjacket, cap, sunglasses
  • Sunscreen/Bugspray
  • Tennis shoes, sandals, etc--(at
    least 2 pairs of shoes)
  • Backpack
  • Mountain Bike (if desired--not
  • Snacks for in between meals
  • Drinks (water, coffee, juice
  • Beach towel
  • 2 liter hydration pack
  • Refillable water bottles
  • Yoga mat
  • camera

Lodge Specifics
  • Refridgerator/microwave in
  • Bath towels provided
  • WIFI (free) in all rooms

Tenting Specifics
  • Cooler for snacks/drinks
  • Ice can be purchased on site
  • Sleeping bag
  • Towels (beach & bath)
  • No on site shower facilities,
    available for fee at Milford State
    Park or Flagstop RV Resort--
    both approx 5 min away).
  • Flashlight or headlamp
Check In
Group welcome in HQ Cabin
Sunset paddle lesson (for fun, not far--choose canoe, kayak or stand up paddle board)

Group Trail Run or walk or sleep in
Ropes class and rappelling
Ropes ascending
Massages/down time

Sunrise group paddle up Farnum Creek or Trail Run (on your own) or sleep in
Mountain bike clinic and group ride
Orienteering class, group led hike and then find checkpoints on your own (with new friends).
Massages/down time

On your own!  Help yourself to yogurt, cereal, fruit and toast and decide what you want to
do before check out at 11am.



until 11am
Dinner--Vegetarian Lasagna,
salad, garlic bread

Breakfast--Assorted bagels,
oatmeal, cereal, greek yogurt,
cereal, fresh fruit, coffee, tea and

Lunch--Lunchmeat, cheese, lentil
salad, hummus, chips, fresh
vegetables, home made
chocolate chip cookies

Dinner--Black bean burgers,
baked sweet potatoes, salad and


Breakfast--same as previous

Lunch--same as previous

Dinner--Vegetarian (corn, bean,
tofu, vegetables) soft tacos,
chips/salsa, margaritas.


Breakfast--same as previous
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